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Our Call

We believe that call to “go” to “all nations” in Matthew 28:19, Mark 16:15, and Acts 1:8 was not meant for a few or for even many disciples, but for all followers of Jesus. It can be overwhelming though when you read some of the statistics on how many people will never have contact with another follower of Jesus. We want to provide an environment where you can easily be involved in “mobilizing resources for gospel access”. We have two main ways people can help provide access and that is connect while staying or connect while going.

Connect While Staying

1. Business Discussion Groups
Business Discussion works by being a central hub where church planters who are interested in starting a business or are looking for business advice can go and publicly present their question. It provides church planters with a safe place for to express their concerns to a support system as a whole as well as see other church planters that are working at the same thing.

2. Mentor a Businessman
Our mentor program is set up to grow out of our discussion group. If a professional makes a connection with a church planter or has a lot of experience with a reoccurring problem the church planter is facing, we hope that the two of them would possibly take their discussion to a more personal level, maybe through email, Skype, or other social media. If the professional wishes to take part in this, he or she will see on a much deeper and more personal level the need for the gospel in other places.

3. Education Center
This is the most remote and least direct of the online interaction with Church Planters. We need people who have had good experiences in their business learning. This is a gathering of resources that church planters can go to in order to be continually learning and growing in their business skills.
If you are interested in writing about business management or finance this is a great place for you!

Connect While Going

1. Become a Consultant
Our consultants go directly to the church planter in order to give business advice or to test the validity of a possible investment. These situations are time-sensitive, but very effective. The consultant team will be able to meet face to face with the man who is giving his life to advance the Kingdom of God in what is very likely a hostile environment. This is a great opportunity for professionals who have entrepreneurial, finance/accounting, or management experience.

This is a great next step for people who have been developing relationships with church planters through the discussions or mentorships. We hope that the prior relationships developed make these short-term trips very purposeful.

2. Teach a Seminar or Workshop

If you have a specialized skill or talent this is a perfect option for you! We need people who who can give seminars on computer science, finance, accounting, marketing and other business skills. This interaction may be based in a sister organization that is reaching unreached people groups through your seminars or it may be for church planters to gather together and learn how to run their businesses better or how to acquire a skill to become self-supporting.

Please contact us if you are at all interested in getting involved!