BAM Think Tank Reports

Biblical Foundation for Business as Missions

In this article the authors explain how business is not secular versus sacred, but rather work is something created by God which His children should walk in excellence. This article gives great examples of how BAM came about, and how it is growing, and how many hope to see it grow.

Business as Mission and the End of Poverty

“The solution here is not the old missionary and development models of “North to South” or “West to the Rest.” Recent books, like Dead Aid and When Helping Hurts warn us of the destructive tendency of “us to them” aid that erodes the dignity and productive capacity of people and communities. Rather, sustained impact on poverty builds on local business talents and leadership, and provides “access to the pond”.”

Business as Mission and Human TraffickingCombating the Business of the Slave Trade with BAM

The Church has done an excellent job raising the attention of society to horrifying reality of human trafficking. There is so much more we can do than raise support though. This report outlines steps we can take in order to use businesses as a means to rescue people from entering into trafficking and prevent others from ever going down that road.

BAM in a Box : Business as Mission Franchising: Replicating Proven Businesses

“Many have yet to catch the vision for the opportunities to use their skill sets in the field rather than primarily through donation to their local church. They have the potential to act as mentors and guides, and to provide business opportunities that can be replicated and scaled in different countries.” (pp. 6). The author hits the nail on the head when he says this. There are so many opportunities for business professionals to use their gifts that the church is struggling to show. The idea presented here, is going to expedite and simplify starting a business in unreached areas.